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S p a c e   a s   P l a y g r o u n d

Curlylight :    Art & design Space

Art- & Design-concepts / projects / products

Creative Workshops / Brainstorms / Cocreation

Both as well in the psychiatric & care-field.

Playing with / unfolding of Space is the base of how I live and create. 
My study architecture I combined with visual arts, poetry, Qi gong & Taichi.
Creativity as a being moved from joy, motivation, inner silence, intuition, highsensitiviness.

In solo- & co-creation, trusting our deeper intuitions brings in an unexpected creativity.

In individual and teamworkshops I like to trigger authenticity and creativity.

My passion for design-participation in the architecture I practice since 2008.
With cliënt & users of the location + (interior-) architect / engineer / co-artists.
On the base of a co-created concept I guide a team from designproces to realisation.

Cliënts:   Company  /  Organisation  /  Individual.