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Exhibition Photography + Haiku  ~  Hospital Rivierenland, Tiel

'Heartspaces'  :  Nature-reflections in image and haiku. Space to just be, in open attention.
Through the Cardiologie-visites joining my father, I got inspired for this expo.
It started with this triptache 'Heartspace', in which the roots of my father as a farmer came along:
His gabbage as a metaphore for the human heart.  He now lives with a hugh garden in this beautiful Betuwe. 

'Nature-scenes' :  Photo 8 gives more text..
Part from artproject The Thin Line, in which I invited my good friend Peterjan Steinfort.
The proces of (also) my guidiance of him, in his wish and stop with medication for manic depressiveness.  A vulnerable, difficult, but evenso inspiring, wide, thankful proces. In it creative expression (photography & text/haiku), together and alone; comforting, gladdening and clarifying.

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