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Picnic table

Table for inside use, with organic Picnic-admosphere from outside.
Sitting at this table as a natural way of having a break / breakfast, having a meeting.
Meeting more fluid your intuitions, natural feelings, inspiration, ....

This table is made of elm wood: hard wood, beautiful drawing & tints. 
Woodchoise and made by furnituremaker Ruud Dubel. Rudy 'sculpts' the surface.

Breakfast- / meditationtable  62 x 62 x h75cm  - this photo, for 1 or 2 people sitting. 
Conference- / meetingtable
  > < 150 x 150 x h75cm  - light wave.
Meditative wallblade  40 x 40 x 2,5cm + bracket  = next product.

For companies & organisations:  

More inspiring functions with the table's special philosophy on functionality, for also changeprocesses. Also for possible (square-)sizes & woodtypes:  contact Rudy, Curlylight:   +31-(0)636150755